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structures for
photovoltaic panels

50 years of experience in the design and production of warehouse racks has allowed METASIST to adopt a number of solutions and components for the construction of specialized and professional structures. As part of product development, system solutions were created for the construction of flexible and screwless installations with the use of integrated components for the installation of photovoltaic panels in facilities such as greenhouses, solar farms or car ports.

We encourage you to view the photo gallery with our solutions. We are looking for partners for cooperation, ranging from designers, installers, distributors and producers of photovoltaic panels.




stelaż pod fotowoltaikę

CONSTRUCTIONS  for photovoltaic panels

The flexibility and uniqueness of our systems allow for their various applications. One of the promising and developing directions is the use of know-how and available solutions in the construction of specialist facilities such as structures and greenhouses for photovoltaics.

Climate changes, legal regulations and trends indicate more and more frequent directions of development of the use of renewable energy. Most often, energy is obtained thanks to solar panels, which are installed mainly in fields and large areas of roofs. Greenhouses are a new direction of photovoltaic installations, which is both a challenge and a goal for us.

wiaty pod samochody producent


A mini PV power plant or a carport covered with photovoltaic panels is a solution that will soon find application in every company and household. By investing in the future, we focus on new solutions in the application of systems that we use on a daily basis to build warehouse racks.

Individually designed and manufactured in the version of one, two or multi-station structures for a mini PV power plant, it is a solution for companies and individuals. The high quality of the product, made of system components, dedicated to the installation of solar panels, gives endless possibilities for configuration of the installation. We are looking for partners such as design offices, producers, distributors and installers of photovoltaic panels who are looking for proven and systemic construction solutions.


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A high-quality shelving system designed for professional use, industrial and warehouse sectors.
The product is dedicated to multi-level buildings in storage mezzanines, shelves. The system is compatible and integrated with shelves and components of shelves Super 1-2-3

System advantages:

  • CE certified system
  • Max. rack load 4800kg
  • Max. height: 8000 mm
  • Max. depth: 800 mm
  • Max. Shelf length 1800 mm
  • Dedicated dla 2 i 3 horizontal


regały magazynowe półkowe warszawa producent

Long span racking system designed for large dimensions and in places where there is a need for very long and deep shelves. The entire system is made of galvanized steel, where the shelves are filled with galvanized panels.

System advantages:

  • Shelf stroke co 33 mm
  • Max. rack load 4800kg
  • Max. depth: 1200 mm
  • Max. Shelf length 3000 mm
  • Galvanized steel shelves filling